Grumpy Spartan Glow Acrylic Patch

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We are coming up close to the 10 year mark that I started releasing my own patches. But before that I was already making patch designs for other brands and companies,.. so what better time as we round that milestone then to release the New Glow Acrylic Grumpy Spartan! The small pvc spartan was 1 of 3 patches that i launched first with my website. So lets get the ball rolling,. and maybe we will see a few other appearances of some old goodies for the Official 10 year mark for Grumpy! Live in glory and grab the Special Edition Spartan while you can!

- Comes with a mini print art card, signed and numbered on the back!!

- Limit 3 per order 

- 100 available

- Roughly 6" tall glow acrylic, velcro backed goodness!!