MIND VOMIT, 3....2....1....    

          My name is Joshua Johnson and I am an Artist. Art for me is not just a job, it is a passion, it is my livelihood and how I support my family. Which is why no matter what I am creating, whether a patch, original drawing or even a painting, I put everything I can into it, and work hard at making it the best. WHY? You deserve the best!

I am a huge comic nerd, and I love to draw. My goal is to draw everyday. But there is just one of me. I am the only one managing my site, packing/shipping orders, a few freelance jobs for other companies,  learning to market my art, etc etc. Even writing this maybe slightly interesting about me page. So each day I work towards more time for drawing, skills can atrophy just like a muscle.  

Just like life, art is all about the journey, not the destination. I am on a journey, as I develop my skills more and more. As well as develop my personal life, and my business. Either one, and either way, I hope you and enjoy the journey as I am! THIS is barely the first act and I have lots more coming!

USUAL STUFF:                      

I was born in Indiana and lived there most of life, and currently live in Sun Valley Idaho. I have lived in Arizona, and Las Vegas, and have been thankful enough to have met some great people that have helped me along the way, including the woman that is now my wife.

    I am thankful to have a family that has supported my ability, and career, even when accruing a lot of debt to be an "artist" didn't seem like a great plan.


I AM VERY OCD ( just ask my wife,. she deserves a medal for putting up with some of my quirks) For what seems normal to me, is very foreign to her,.. and probably 90% of the world.

I have just surpassed my 300 mark of patch designs under my belt. ( woot )

Like always, any questions just ask. I am a private person, and as difficult as it is to write about myself I never scoff at questions. Just like an onion, I have many layers to me.


 I remain,

Joshua.Johnson #GrumpyPencil

Find me,

Email: jjohnsonart@gmail.com